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Panic Attack Treatments

Natural TreatmentDealing with panic attacks and anxiety is not easy but with the right treatment you can literally cure it completely. Treatments can vary from person to person and can also depend on whether you have been diagnosed with a panic disorder or not. Most likely if you had panic attacks only once or twice then you should be able to get by without any anxiety medication or therapy. However, if your attacks are much more frequent, then most likely the doctor will refer you to a therapist or a mental health professional that will help determine if you will be needing anxiety medication…

Regardless of your scenario, you are not limited to just antidepressants and therapy. There is actually a simpler more effective way for treating all types of anxiety disorders as you will soon learn.

The 3 Most Common Forms of Treatment and which one Works the Best

Depending on whether your seeing a doctor or your taking matters into your own hands, there is 3 common forms of treatment. The most obvious and common one is using antidepressants. The second is seeing a professional such as a psychiatrist, therapist or counselor, and the third is using natural or integrative medicine.

Lets quickly review each one and see which one is the most effective and which one may be surprising the least effective.

1. Using Medications/Antidepressants

Side Effects: Patients taking prescription drugs will normally develop serious side effects associated with the drug. Its important to understand the health risks and side effects involved before taking such drugs.

To learn more about the damaging health risks involved with taking these drugs, read our article on The Dangers of Antidepressant Drugs.

Effectiveness: When it comes to effectiveness, studies show that antidepressants may have a slight effect in the short term but only with those who suffer from very severe depression. In no way was it found to be effective on those with mild or moderate anxiety and panic disorders. Furthermore, the dangers of the drugs far surpasses any relief (if any) it may provide.

Drugs Used: There are countless anxiety pharmaceuticals on the market but here is the most widely used antidepressant list:

    • Paxil  Generic Name: PAROXETINE HCL
    • Xanax  Generic Name: ALPRAZOLAM
    • Ativan  Generic Name: LORAZEPAM
    • Zoloft  Generic Name: SERTRALINE HCL
    • Klonopin  Generic Name: CLONAZEPAM
    • Other anti-anxiety medications
    • Some heart medication are also used to help with anxiety

Be very cautious of taking a combination of drugs because there can be severe reactions, such as interacting Paxil with Xanax.

Antidepressant Conclusion: Prescription drugs focus on masking the symptoms and not actually curing the disorder. Overall, when considering the dangerous health risks, the negative side effects, and the inconsistent ineffectiveness, antidepressants should not be on your list of treatments to try.

2. Using Psychiatric Help with Panic Attacks

Once a diagnoses of a panic attack or panic disorder is made, you will normally go see a mental health expert before actually being prescribed with a medication such as one of the ones outlined above. The therapist will help weave out other potential causes of your panic attacks.

Psychiatric Conclusion: While having a counselor or therapist to talk to and possibly learn relaxation techniques from may help, they will normally prescribe an antidepressant based on your situation after the first session. This brings us back to the first treatment method which is diffidently one we don’t recommend.

3. Home Remedies for Panic Attacks and Anxiety

Natural remedies are simply the best panic attack treatment money can buy. Its what worked for me and many others that I know. And just for the records, before I discovered natural alternatives, I started off using prescription medication and I seen many counselors and psychiatrists on a repeated basis, but nothing worked!

Finally, I gave up on the antidepressants that were only giving me abnormal side effects, and I gave up on the counselors that were doing nothing more than just trying to dig into my life which was frankly none of their business!

Then I did my research, and I started to actually educate my self on all the possible solutions and discovered different natural alternatives which I applied successfully. Today, I’m anxiety free and panic attack free.

Natural remedies can include things like specialized breathing techniques, herbal teas, fish oils, and certain supplements that help reduce stress, calm the nervous system, and balance serotonin levels in the brain.

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