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3 Essential Steps for A Successful Anxiety Treatment

better health goalsIts no wonder that only a small percentage of anxiety and panic attack sufferers take some level of action upon the anxiety help guide we made. Most people just don’t believe that they can be cured so they continue to live a depressive life while losing all hopes because they simply don’t know how to set a better vision for themselves.

I’m about to tell you the 3 principles that can help you move towards your goals starting now (yes, now!).

All successful people have 3 main things in common, and when I started applying them I succeeded in pretty much everything I set out to accomplish. So for all you folks who want to relieve your anxiety and live happy lives, follow this essential success tips that can literally be applied with anything you set your mind to.

You can apply these steps whether your applying for a job, want to pass your exams, be financially secured, have a better social life, or achieve better health, etc…in all cases these principles can help you get there.

Plan your goal

Every achievement starts with a goal

These steps are on the basis that you already WRITTEN OUT A GOAL for yourself and you have SET A CLEAR VISION on what you want and WHY you want it. If you have not done that yet, then stop right here, bookmark this page and go do that first before continuing…

Great, now follow these crucial principles to help you get there…


Top 3 Steps for Success

1. Believing that it can happen (remove all “what if’s” and doubts from your head)

If you don’t believe that your goals can happen, then you failed before you even got started. You will simply have no drive or passion to help push you to work towards your goals. There is just no point in starting something if you think it will work.

For example, if you wanted to cure your anxiety and you found a step by step anxiety treatment, but you don’t believe that you can be cured by following the treatment guide, then you have pretty much acknowledged to yourself that you won’t get cured. That negative mindset will void you from taking action because deep inside you are telling yourself that it wont work.

Henry Ford has a famous quote on this type of mindset as follows…

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t–you’re right.”
― Henry Ford

Its very important to remove all doubts and avoid the “What if” factor, which is basically saying something like…What if this happens, What if it doesn’t work, etc.

Here’s a news flash…”what if” never happened so you shouldn’t prevent yourself from taking action based on the fear of failing or something that never even took place. And just in case it does, just figure it out on the way moving forward.

Also, don’t allow others to tell you that its not possible. Its your goal, not theirs!

This brings us to our second most important principle for success…

2. Take faithfully persistent, massive action

After believing that you can achieve your goal deep inside to the core of your heart, you MUST take action right away! Don’t wait to write a full plan to perfection, or otherwise you just may never even get started. Without a doubt, the hardest thing in accomplishing any goal is simply “getting started.”

Ask any successful person today about what they would have done differently, they will tell you that “not taking action sooner is the only regret.”

Fact: Perfectionism is a action killer! It prevents us from ever getting started. The thought or habit of wanting everything to be just perfect will kill your dreams and cause you to keep procrastinating…

Rule of thumb: You do not need to know everything. Whats important is you just get started, and once you get started you will naturally start building a momentum as you go, and you will learn to figure things out on the way.

Additionally, don’t do a little bit then pause for a few month. If you want to get to where you want to be then you must be persistent and JUST KEEP TAKING MASSIVE ACTIN!

Here’s a tip: Turn off Facebook and Twitter and remove all distractions and stop wasting time with friends that never benefit you because your time should be better spent working on yourself and your vision, not on other peoples circumstances.

3. Keep the goal in sight (don’t lose visual of your “Why”)

Your “why” is simply the reasons you want to achieve that particular goal. It could be for better health, to be free from anxiety and stress, to be financially secure, to make your family happier, to give your kids a better life, etc. All those things can be a reason to “why” you MUST keep working on your goal until you achieve it.

The point is, keeping a visual of your “why ” will give you the fire and drive you need to push and motivate yourself to be persistent. If you don’t feel well motivated enough that your lacking in persistence, then your either your losing visual of your goal or your “why” factor is just not motivating enough…

In either case, reevaluate what you want and why you want it and if you feel that its not motivating enough to go after, then it may be that you need to dream bigger until your reasons become inspiring enough to push yourself forward.


Never give up and NEVER allow your fear of failure to stop you from doing what you really want to do. Its okay to fail as long as you get back up and  keep persistent, you will eventually get to where you want to be.

Let me know in the comments what you think and if you have any desires or ideas that your passionate about but just never found a way to get there. I wold LOVE to hear from you:)

• Meet the Author ➞ Scarlett Brooke

I'm a integrative medicine consultant for those searching for healthier and natural alternatives for treating illnesses. I focus on a holistic approach using remedies, herbs, supplements, exercise and relaxation techniques. Although I helped people treat many different types of illnesses, my main area of specialty is treating anxiety, depression and panic disorders.

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