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The Linden Method: Can it Really Cure your Anxiety?

The Linden method claims that it can easily, quickly and permanently cure your anxiety without medications or therapy…nothing but the body’s own anxiety recovery process…

It goes on to claim that:

  • Its the only program used by Celebrities & recommended by Doctors
  • Scientifically proven to be the only solution to anxiety disorders
  • The only anxiety program used & recommended by government agencies
  • It works for all anxiety disorders, including panic attacks, phobia, OCD, etc.
  • You can start applying it within minutes
  • It works fast
  • Even kids of 6 yrs old use the methods with ease
  • Its nothing to do with “facing your fears” techniques
  • You don’t need to practice or write anything
  • Nothing difficult
  • No Therapy of any kind
  • The Linden Method cured over 160,000 sufferers worldwide

So you want to know if all these claims are true or is it a scam?

If your signed up to my email list, then you may already know that I’m a integrative medicine professional that specializes in natural treatments for anxiety disorders…BUT I NEVER recommend antidepressants or any of the anxiety programs that claim to have the cure…

However, a patient of my recently asked me about the Charles Linden program and she wanted to know if it works. At that time I didn’t even know that Linded was a persons name (as I soon learned)…

I started searching about him, learned a lot about his anxiety coaching program and found nothing but good reviews and testimonials (which only made me more skeptical).

I purchased Charles Linden Anxiety coaching program just to see what all the rave is about but ultimately I wanted to challenge Charles for his claims…

As I went through the course, I found myself devoured in a bit of unexpected surprises. His program was very different from all the others out there. Everything he teaches totally made sense (from both a scientific and academic perspective).

Long story short, If you don’t feel like reading my entire review below based on days of research and you just want to know if his method works, well the short answer would be YES!

The Linden Method which you can get by clicking here does indeed work, but in the same time, it depends if the person using it actually puts his teachings into practice.

Also, I disagree with Charles on some points he made. For example, he claims that his program is the only cure for anxiety. I  HIGHLY disagree with that statement. I wouldn’t have studied integrative medicine if it didn’t work. In other words, his method is not the only means that can help you cure anxiety and I know that first hand.

Additionally, there is another anxiety recovery program that I recommend called Panic Away and it’s priced way cheaper than his. Regardless of which program you use, all it takes is a good step by step process that is proven and has a successful track record in helping people alleviate their anxiety and it also requires the absolute willingness of the sufferer to learn and practice the methods consistently to experience the results.

Now for those of you who want the full review, continue reading below

Whose Charles Linden?

Charles Linden, a former anxiety sufferer who is now given the title of being the worlds most influential authority on anxiety disorders and has a proven track record of successfully helping over 160,000 people from around the world get cured from anxiety, panic attacks, OCD, Phobia, and other depressive conditions.

Ever since his teenage years, Charles was suffering from some of the worst cases of anxiety. He was given medications, therapy, and even alternative therapy for over 27 years and nothing ever cured him. For no reason he would experience anxiousness, worries and fears about things that never actually happen. He was told that he had a mental illness.

In 1987 he moved to Germany and started working for the U.S. Army, however, because his anxiety was very bad, it didn’t make any difference no matter where he moved. Charles continued to tolerate the anxiety for years but it wasn’t long before it overcame him, in other words he got hit hard with overwhelming panic attacks, incomprehensible nervousness and fear where he further developed OCD, agoraphobia and about 8 panic attacks throughout the day.

Meanwhile, Charles was taking the antidepressants Prozac, Seroxat, Stelazine, and Diazepam while simultaneously pursuing various other forms of treatment including:

  • psychotherapy
  • CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy)
  • Counseling
  • hypnotherapy
  • Emotional freedom technique
  • NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming)
  • Meditation classes
  • faith healing

but nothing worked and his symptoms persisted. He knew that if those treatments didn’t work for him then it wasn’t going to work for anyone else either. In fact, from the 160,000 plus people he helped, not a single one of them got cured using the different treatments listed above…

That’s why he calls his method “The only cure for anxiety disorders” because other methods only try to mask the symptoms instead of actually curing the problem.

In 1997, Charles developed a breakthrough and pulled himself out of the vicious whirlpool of anxiety that he was engulfed in and completely cured himself. He even stopped his panic attacks forever in under a day…

And just within a two weeks time, he started working again, became more social, he ate normal and even lost weight…

Then, by the time four weeks passed, his anxiety disorders were completely gone forever. Charles says that in the first time in his life he felt normal.

He then created a website teaching people to do the same and after the successful feedback, he quit his job to help people recover.

Today, He has over 15 years of experience helping people permanently cure their anxiety and has been featured in national and international newspapers and magazines from around the world such as The Times, Grazia, Vogue, The Daily Express and even his own TV series. He worked with countless celebrities and continues to help people from around the world using his method.

Charles also has a health care facility with a team of qualified psychologists and counselors that is now recommended by government agencies, psychologists, practitioners and doctors from around the world.

He admits that none of his success or media appearances was planned. It just happened because his method simply works.

Now, so far all this information was based on days of my own research on Charles, but feel free to do your own research to verify the information herein.

Clinical Results of The Linden Method

I was surprised to learn that his program is the only one of its kind that is government recommend and endorsed by Harvard Medical School Doctors and Ph.D. psychologist. That’s because his program was tested in independent clinical trials and the results were substantial in eliminating anxiety.

I reviewed one of the clinical trials which tests the Linden method for anxiety recovery with before and after results. Apparently, the test seemed to be conducted in Kingston University of London and the University of Copenhagen. I will briefly post the results here…


The anxiety levels were assessed using the Generalized Anxiety Disorder 7 (GAD-7), which is basically a self-report measure used for measuring the intensity and severity of the anxiety. Patients were tested based on how they felt before and after using The Linded Method and using comparisons.


The metrics were analyzed using the IBM SPSS Statistics software, and the Wilcoxon signed-rank test was used to measure the data.


The before and after scores of the participants were 18.28 (before) and 2.84 (after) which indicates that majority of the patients suffered from severe anxiety before using Charles Linden’s program. In contrast, after using the program, the majority no longer experienced anxiety as a major problem in their life.

Now the actual clinical trial was much longer and more detailed than this but I obviously cannot copy/paste the entire document here.

Who Can Use the Program?

Cure Anxiety Program

Visit the Linden website

Anyone suffering from anxiety, but to be more specific, the program is geared towards guided self-help for treating anxiety conditions including panic disorders, post traumatic stress, agoraphobia, OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder), and other anxiety related disorders. Additionally, The Linded Method can also be used for social anxiety, school phobias, and childhood anxieties.

The entire course focuses on the cure as oppose to merely managing the symptoms, which is very rare to find in most programs.

The Linden Method Explained & Revealed

Unlike your usual stress management techniques, Charles focuses on utilizing the natural healing mechanisms of the mind to help eliminate the anxiety. It is apparent that the program is carefully planned and intelligently structured for easy access.

I think what makes this program so unique is its taught by someone who already knows how you feel as oppose to a doctor that does understand the gravity of your anxiety. In my opinion, most doctors are too lazy to take the time to understand the causes of your anxiety and they rather just pop pills in your mouth even if your not in need of medications.

Charles on the other hand has been in the patients shoe and actually understands how difficult it is to cope with anxiety and has structured his methods to be easily used by anyone.


Now this may sound wicked of me, but before studying the program I was actually hoping that it would be a scam only because it sounded a bit over-hyped, but based on my thorough observations and notes I took through out the whole program, I have got to admit I will be using some of the techniques with my own patients.

And although I recommend using his program, I am still a strong believer in natural healing by means of herbs and alternative remedies. His techniques does not takeaway from my years of study in the art of integrative medicine. I think, if anyone uses such good techniques like the ones he teaches in the course alongside the remedies I teach on my own site, there will be a 10/10 chance of fully recovering from what ever it is that is troubling you.

And of course, always take action. Don’t let his program sit on your PC. Have faith and believe that everything will be okay.

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