– Dealing With Anxiety

About My Story & Why I started This Site was inspired in hopes of helping panic attack sufferers cure their anxiety and panic disorders, PERIOD! After being a long term panic attack sufferer myself, I finally discovered a few natural alternatives that helped me get cured and recover, which I teach through out this site.

Here’s my story…

It all started in 2006 when I started experiencing dramatic changes in my life…

By 2007, after some very stressful turn of events, I was sitting in my living room and suddenly, without any warning, BANG!

I felt like I just lost control over my body…

Suddenly,  I couldn’t breath, my chest was hurting like a needle through my heart. I lost control and started panicking. I became very confused and disoriented. I thought that I was having a stroke and that I was going to die! I collapsed on the ground before the ambulance came and rushed me to the hospital…

When I ended up in the ER, the first thing the doctor did was just ask me some questions, and without any tests or examining, he immediately told me that I was having a panic attack. I didn’t even know what that meant!

The nurse then popped a pill in my mouth and walked away. Then they came back after an hour and asked me if I feel better. I guess the answer they expect to hear is “YES” because even though I said no they still gave me my release papers and sent me home.

I left the hospital feeling terrible, very nervous and anxious. It was the first time in my life I was experiencing panic attacks.

It wasn’t long before I kept returning to the ER after a viscous cycle of ongoing panic attacks, and the same thing would happen again where all they do is just pop a pill in my mouth and walk away and send me home.

After the first few ER visits, they started sending me to the psych department and most the time they would do so without even being seen by a doctor. I realized, that once I went to the ER the first few times for the same reason, they would now automatically send me to the psychotic department and just try to pop more pills in me….

I was feeling abandoned. The nurses would talk to me like I was a crazy person. The other people I seen in the psych department were not normal. Many of them had their wrist slit many times with old and fresh marks. Almost all of them were doing weird things and talking to themselves. One guy was even starring at me in a way that really scared me. This is not where I wanted to be. I kept repeating to myself “I am not crazy” even though I was feeling like I was going crazy.

I was very angry and scared. I was not given the slightest attention or concern. If they couldn’t help me in the hospital then why should I even go there. I would have been fine with the pills if they actually worked but they didn’t. The medications would only make me feel drowsy and cause sever chest pain.

Even when I wasn’t having a panic attack I was constantly thinking about my next episode… When will it happen? Where will it happen? And how severe will it be this time?

I started seeing counselors, therapists, psychiatrists and specialized doctors over the course of 6 years. But did any of that work? NO!

It was no wonder that I completely gave up on doctors and antidepressant medications. THEY SIMPLY DIDN’T WORK!

So I decided to take matters into my own hands. I started buying every book I can possibly find on holistic health, natural remedies, breathing techniques and even ancient forms of therapy such as acupuncture and cupping. I also tried all kinds of supplements and green foods and learned to avoid foods that actually contribute to triggering an attack…

It took a long time but I eventually came to the conclusion that an all out natural and holistic approach works MUCH BETTER than your boring routine to the psychiatrist and those awful antidepressants that only cause other problems in the long run…

I also learned that you don’t need to spend years studying integrative medicine and applying every natural technique there is. It just takes a little bit of one thing to help, and just someone to tell you what that thing is. THAT’S IT!

I think its important to have a doctor when your injured in a car crash or possibly when you have a high fever or some sort of virus or infection, however, I honestly think that doctors are worthless when it comes to anxiety.

The truth is, medications are focused on masking the symptoms, it never actually stops your anxiety. I even learned later that the same medications they were giving me were making my symptoms worst and turning me into a disoriented zombie. Those drugs are NOT a real cure for anxiety.

Its important to note that although I emphasize a lot on natural treatments, eliminating your anxiety is not confined only to herbal remedies and supplements, but rather its about a total holistic approach that helps in all directions.

For example, your mindset and perception of things helps in your recovery, sometimes even more than anything physical you can do. In fact, I have found that the way you think and use your mind is the most powerful of all approaches.

Today, I’m anxiety free, panic attack free and life is great. If only someone gave me the knowledge sooner!

Now, with the knowledge I have, I started this site to help others also achieve what I achieved.

And hence it was the start of